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It doesn't get any Betty than this Betty Blue Eyes The Musical

News Of The World
April 14, 2011

It doesn't get any Betty than this


By Liz Vercoe for News of the World

It would be telling a porky to say that this musical is as funny as A Private Function, the movie it’s based on.

But if you can rub out, or have no memories of, Maggie Smith and Michael Palin up to their elbows in an Old Spot of stinking pig business, this is a sensational show.

Reece Shearsmith and Sarah Lancashire are a socially climbing chiropodist and his wife in post-war Britain.

Thwarted, they nick Betty, the blue-eyed porker, who was destined to be the main course at a private dinner for the Royal Wedding. They get excellent support from a cast that includes David Bamber and Adrian Scarborough.

The brilliant song lyrics from Anthony Drewe and the choreography by Stephen Mear bring out the snobbery, minor corruption and prejudice of a small northern town in the 1940s even better than the film.

Betty is an animatronic sow with several endearing expressions and her Kylie Minogue-voiced finale is not to be missed.

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